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Taur Calad
Taur Calad Elven kinship based in Lothlórien (The Dreamflower) or also known as The Golden Wood.

"That is the fairest of all the dwellings of my people. There are no trees like the trees of that land. For in the autumn their leaves fall not, but turn to gold. Not till the spring and the new green opens do they fall, and then the boughs are laden with yellow flowers; and the floor of the wood is golden, and golden is the roof, and its pillars are of silver, for the bark of the trees is smooth and grey." - Legolas

Our focus is on having an enjoyable time in LOTRO whether it be social, instances or immersive roleplay portraying the elves of the Third Age with the strength, grace and joy that we all know so well from the books and to a lesser extent the films.

Taur Calad’s purpose is to aid and be of assistance to those that would seek or need it beyond the borders of The Golden Wood.

Whether it be by strength, wisdom, resources or by song the elves of Taur Calad while knowing their time in Middle Earth is coming to an end still wish to play their part in latter time of the Third Age.

This is a Mixed race Kinship for the those who seek a relaxed friendly and immersive place to be, with opportunities to Role-play and enjoy all that LOTRO has to offer.

We are a Rank 10 Kinship.

If you enjoy roleplaying or just want to give it a go for the first time you will be very welcome, this is not a "hardcore" RP Kin.

Brief History of Taur Calad

It was known to all Eldar that the time of the elves was coming to an end in Middle Earth, the Fourth Age would belong to man.

Regardless though in Lothlórien there were some among them who did not wish to fade away to the West, those who were not consumed by sorrow or felt an overwhelming call to sail. For those few there was still value in making a stand against the growing shadow from the East. To provide strength, wisdom, resources, the gift of music and to offer refuge to those who sought no ill.

Therefore, volunteers were asked for in the realm of Lothlórien, a small group of Eldar who had hope and wished to bring hope to those who had little or none.

Thus Taur-Calad, a mighty light, the mighty light of the forest was formed.

Taur - Great wood or forest, mighty, vast overwhelming, huge, sublime.
Calad - Light

Eldar whom were skilled in battle, crafting and music gathered with a purpose which stretched beyond the boundaries of the Golden Wood.