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Do you enjoy just questing, chilling out and enjoying LOTRO? - No problem.

Looking to try role-play? - We got you covered.

Need a hassle-free kinship? - All day.

If you are looking for a relaxed, casual and friendly kinship to call home? We might just be the one!

We are still in our infancy so small in number but if you would like to be apart of something new then here we are.

Who are we?
We are a small kin, looking for new and awesome players to join us so we can start to grow and blossom. Whether you are new to LOTRO or an old hand if you are looking for a friendly home for your Elf.

Taur-Calad, a mighty light, the mighty light of the forest.
Taur - Great wood or forest, mighty, vast overwhelming, huge, sublime.
Calad - Light

What are we?
A Rank 10 Mixed race Kinship on Laurelin.

What can we offer?
  • Sociable, Mature and Helpful members
  • Crafters capable of helping you out with weapons, armour, food etc.
  • Love to group up for instances, Big Battles and quests.
  • Enjoy helping newbies to get started.
  • Roleplaying, we attend RP events when we can, while also doing our own thing, so whether you are experience or want to try it out you we have you covered.
  • Very experienced with the LOTRO ABC Music system.

If the above looks interesting and you would like to know more or have questions feel free to apply here or in game.
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