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Interested in joining

Hi, I have put in an application join, looking forward to hearing from you :)
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Celeiriel0104Member avatar small Celeiriel 258d

Predominant timezone of the kinship?

Hey!I'm a returning player looking for a kinship, since nobody from my old one is still playing. I'm leveling up my hunter to 105 (103 as of yesterday) and I have a variety of alts from 20 to 90 or so.I have a couple of questions: - what is the ti...
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Sheska5344Member avatar small Sheska 344d

Trouble finding where to apply?

Hello, I am Ostranc.I am interested in joining, though I cannot for some reason find a link to create an application.Thank youOstranc.
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Ostranc3240Small Surtvir 354d

i'm interested in joining please

I'm a level 15 elf loremaster my vocation is explorer (forester-tailor-prospector) during the summer tend to spend around 3 hours playing per day im also interested in group instances
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corianne3196Small Annothor/Wilberas 365d

Interested in joining?

Do you enjoy just questing, chilling out and enjoying LOTRO? - No problem.Looking to try role-play? - We got you covered.Need a hassle-free kinship? - All day.If you are looking for a relaxed, casual and friendly kinship to call home? We might jus...
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